World Premiere - Arenys de Mar

'Summertime Killer' offers competent B-Movie Action, directed by Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi.
Antonio Isasi helmed a number of cool thriller movies (That Man in Istanbul, They came to rob Las Vegas, The Dog), 
often with this special Spanish touch and all shot by Cinematographer Juan Gelpí.
Director Isasi is an interesting film freak, a self-made movie mogul! 
He is usually one of the producers of his films, participates in the work on the screenplay and 
shoot the whole thing in his own Studio!
The 'Isasi Estudios Cinematograficos' in Barcelona (Spain).
This is your invitation to the World Premiere of 'Summertime Killer'. Cakes and drinks are free!
You should not miss this! I have already refueled my time machine!

Olivia Hussey, Chris Mitchum and Director Antonio Isasi on location somewhere around Madrid (Spain), 1972.
The other Stars are Karl Malden and Raf Vallone. Both in a good mood. 

Antonio Isasi and Juan Gelpí preparing a scene for 'Summertime Killer'. 
The official invitation for the World Premiere of 'Summertime Killer'.
The Gala took place in the small town of Arenys de Mar, in the north of Barcelona, on May 10, 1972.
The proceeds were donated to a school, the 'Colegio Vinardell de las Hermanas de San Vicente de Paul' in Arenys de Mar.
In connection with the premiere there was also an event with the producers, distributors and financially 
involved persons/companies.
The World Premiere of the 'Summertime Killer'-Cake!
In the tough film business, you need something sweet for the nerves.
A brave lady makes the first cut...
Antonio Isasi (on the right, dark jacket) in happy discussion with a few young ladies ...and grandmother.
Antonio Isasi (on the right) talks to the guests. Who are these people?
The world premiere of 'They came to rob Las Vegas' also took place in Arenys de Mar. Again with a delicious cake!
What connection does Isasi have to the small coastal town of Arenys de Mar? The cake master!?
There are several books about the director available, which may contain enlightening information.
IEC Studios - Isasi Estudios Cinematografico.
Drawing of the Front of the Studio out of the official IEC pressbook from the 70s.
'They came to rob Las Vegas' was the first film for the Studio, of course directed by Antonio Isasi.
The studio had great plans and at least the same great dreams. 
10 to 12 films every year should be produced on the Stages of the Studios.
But there were fewer and fewer film productions and many empty studios.
The golden times were over!
The Isasi Studios became a big TV studio in the 70s. 
From 1973 onwards, the Catalan TV station TVE produced here. In the 90s it was the TV station TV3. 
What happened after that? Is the studio still available today?
Probably not. Dissolved, like many others.
A Stage of the Isasi Studio and a production office in the 70s.
See more of the spanish movie mogul Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi here: 'They came to rob Las Vegas'.