On Location in Anticoli Corrado

'The Secret of Santa Vittoria' is an exhilarated and quite unusual war movie comedy of Director Stanley Kramer.
The wonderful Anna Magnani (Rosa Bombolini) and Anthony Quinn (Bombolini) conjure up amazing scenes together.
Supported by Virna Lisi, Renato Rascel and Hardy Krüger, all giving sublime performances.
Director Kramer staged several magnificently sequences with these top Players on a beautiful location, 
captured with terrific visuals of DOP Giuseppe Rotunno. Must See!
In the beginning there was Bombolini (Anthony Quinn) the fool, Bombolini the drunk, Bombolini the joke.
In the end there was Bombolini the mayor, Bombolini the hero, Bombolini the beautiful.
In between is the Secret of Santa Vittoria, over a million bottles of wine.
A movie of special flavor.

A panoramic view of Anticoli Corrado. 
The Italian mountain village is the Key location of 'The Secret of Santa Vittoria' - A charming fable set near the end of WWII.

Anthony Quinn (1915–2001) on location at Anticoli Corrado during a break, summer 1968.
German Lobby Cards - Two stunning portraits of the leading ladys of 'Santa Vittoria'. 
Virna Lisi (1936-2014) and Anna Magnani (1908–1973).
Unusual German Lobby Card - A promotion photo of Virna Lisi.
Family Quinn visited the shooting in Anticoli Corrado, July 1968. 
Jolanda Addolori, the wife of Anthony Quinn, and their 3 children, Francesco Quinn (born March 22, 1963 - died August 5, 2011), 
Danny Quinn (born April 16, 1964) and Lorenzo Quinn (born May 7, 1966). 
A game of chess with the family and Virna Lisi. No chance for Papa Quinn.
The stellar cast of 'The Secret of Santa Vittoria' offers best entertainment even during breaks.
The Quinns during a break in filming 'The Secret of Santa Vittoria'.
Anticoli Corrado, summer 1968. 
Director Stanley Kramer in his autobiography "A Mad, Mad, Mad Mad World: A Life in Hollywood": 
"He (Quinn) and Magnani didn't get along at all. It's a wonder their scenes ever got finished. 
She didn't like him one bit, and in their big fight scene, when she was supposed to literally kick 
him out of the house, she did it so hard during the shooting that she broke her foot!".
The photo shows Anna Magnani and Anthony Quinn having fun on the set??? 
And I have more photos of the two laughing together, but they are pros, this might be some kind of show for the photographers?
Fortunately the tensions between these two giants drove both to peak performances.
Another shot of the Oscar winners Magnani and Quinn in a good mood (?).
The official text on the back of the press shot says: 'Anna Magnani and Anthony Quinn have become
very close friends , and their friendship is sure to last even after the end of shooting.'
Now I'm confused...!
However, the two are a joyously satisfying combination on the screen.
Director Stanley Kramer, right, tells Virna Lisi and Sergio Franchi how he sees their scene just before the 
cameras roll in the mountain village of Anticoli Corrado.
Virna Lisi gets some first information about the excellent filming location of Director Stanley Kramer, 1968.
The turtle on top of the fountain, Fontana di Arturo Martini, is a cool gag of production designer Robert Clatworthy.
It stands for frugality, hardiness and a long life. 
These little details often make the difference - A great movie!
The lovely Virna Lisi (1936-2014) talking with Director Stanley Kramer (1913–2001).
Piazza delle Ville next to the
Fontana di Arturo Martini- Anticoli Corrado, summer 1968.
The cherished director of epics like 'The Pride and the Passion' (1957) and 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World' (1963) 
filmed an entertaining and really charming comedy. 'Vittoria' is an almost forgotten treasure!
The wife of Stanley Kramer, Karen Sharpe, with their little daughter and Virna Lisi - Anticoli Corrado, July 1968.
Family Quinn in the old mountain village - Anthony Quinn shows his sons the motorcycle of the German Soldiers.
The Germans were played by Hardy Krüger (brilliant!), Wolfgang Jansen, Peter Kuiper, ...and the incredible 
Karl-Otto Alberty!
German Lobby Card - Virna Lisi among some local Extras for the wine transporting scene.
A dynamic, committed director shows what the scene is supposed to look like.
But the locals of Anticoli Corrado (Extras) show no emotion, and are very little impressed.
Look at these real characters, faces drawn by life, hard worn, determined faces of people who will not be fooled 
by a Hollywood clown.
Nice German Lobby Card showing Virna Lisi as a part of the long chain of people who carefully 'resettle' the over a million 
bottles of wine to a safe hiding place.
To appease the Germans they are given thousands of bottles of wine, but the German Capt. von Prum comes to suspect 
that there are many more hidden somewhere in Santa Vittoria.
The two very different men, Bombolini and Capt.von Prum (a brilliant Hardy Krüger!) engage in a battle of wits in the days to come.
Excellently filmed by veteran cinematographer Giuseppe Rotunno ('The Adventures of Baron Munchausen').
The photo shows Director Stanley Kramer using a viewfinder to find the right composition for the next scene in Anticoli Corrado.
German Lobby Card.
One can safely assume that quite a few bottles have been broken for this sequence.
Anthony Quinn and Director Stanley Kramer are talking about the dancing/boozing scenes on the 
Piazza del Ville in Anticoli Corrado.
Two excellent performers, Renato Rascel (1912–1991) and Anthony Quinn (1915–2001), start dancing on the 
Piazza del Ville, a wild mixture of the Italian 'tarantella' and the old 'square-dance' of the wild west.
Dancing workout with Quinn and Rascel.
It's quite amusing to see the two guys dancing and jumping around the square of Anticoli Corrado.
Yeah, now it's time for the grand finale. The level of difficulty is increasing...
Renato Rascel (1912–1991): 'Anthony, I think the dance teacher wants to see the triple screw.'
Director Stanley Kramer was amazed about the agility of the boys and very pleased with the results.
Certainly driven by a few glasses of red wine...
Renato Rascel in the make-up chair of the legendary make-up artist Alberto de Rossi (on the right), 1968.
Alberto de Rossi with finishing touches for the make-up of Virna Lisi, Anticoli Corrado, 1968.
The famous artist was the make-up expert on numerous big-scale movies like 'Cleopatra', 'Charade', 'Waterloo', 
'The Last Valley' and 'Mussolini'.
He was the make-up Supervisor on the Sergio Leone masterpiece 'Once Upon a Time in the West', and worked together
with his son Giannetto De Rossi (make-up artist) on Leones epic western.
No one can resist the refreshing wittiness of Bombolini. The power of cunning.
A great role for Anthony Quinn!