Prosthetics by XFX

Steve Johnson's XFX Shop was developing the Special Makeup FX and Prosthetics for four seasons of the 
US-Canadian television series 'The Outer Limits' (1995).
State-of-the-art Aliens, Creatures, Robots and other foam rubber gizmos. 
A great Show and a challenging and very varied task for the XFX boys.

'Birthright' is one of those exciting XFX episodes, directed by William Fruet (Death Weekend, Trapped, Spasms).
Aliens want to conquer the Earth in a subtle way ...with a new premium gasoline! What?
Yeah, Aliens from Planet 'Shell' have landed.
They want to terraform the Earth by destroying the atmosphere with a fuel additive to make the air breathable for them.

'Birthright' is starring Perry King ('Riptide'). 
Senator Richard Adams (Perry King) presents the new fuel additive BE-85.
Little does he know that he is a transformed alien from outer space on a mission.
Later on he will ask himself, 'What am I?'.
The first step in producing a replica head of Perry King is a lifecast.
These reference photos were shot on the XFX parking lot straight after the life casting procedure.
Perry still has some remains of the mold material on his face and upper body.
The lifecast is duplicated in clay and with the help of the reference photos all the special 'Perry' 
nuances (character, facial appearance) is sculpted back in for an exact replica.
A cable-operated Head puppet of Perry King
The XFX boys sculpted an Alien puppet for the transformation chamber scene.
The artist in blue shirt is Dan Rebert - Who is the other one?
Artist Dan Rebert (Terminator 2, Species 2) cleans up the sculpture of the Alien body.
One third of human - Two thirds Alien.
XFX Shop - The Outer Limits.
Today we built an Alien, tomorrow a Robot.
Foot care for an Alien.
Good job! - Steve will be satisfied...
The boys present their work. A bit of color would be nice...
Wow, that's it! - The foam rubber alien-human hybrid got his head. 
What a great replica of Perry Kings head. A gripping puppet!
What's that over there, blurred in the background?
It's Sil of 'Species' - A busy time for XFX.
Dan Rebert, Joe Fordham and (?) with the 'Birthright' puppet.
XFX - Alien shipping department.
What looks like a rare Polaroid of an Area 51 Alien is in fact the XFX puppet for an 
Outer Limits episode.
Movie Scene - Senator Richard Adams (Perry King) and Dr. Leslie McKenna (Mimi Kuzyk) in an secret room 
of the Sendrax Corporation.
Preparing the Set - The XFX Alien puppet is already in the chamber (Aquarium).
The Actors visit the Set and Perry sees his good old friend again.
The cable-controlled puppet in a tank, which will be filled with water.
What's this thing? what's in there? What am I? The Senator is close to madness.
He realizes that he is an Alien and that he was once transformed in a tank like this one.
The creature in there is his replacement!
The 'Perry' Alien in the water tank.
XFX Boss Steve Johnson on the Outer Limits set with the 'Birthright' Alien puppet.
Outer Limits final credits.
'People have long feared invasion by forces from other worlds. If that horror comes to pass our leaders will 
stand as our first line of defense unless, of course, our leaders themselves... are the invaders.'
On the XFX parking lot in Sun Valley.
The Special Makeup FX & prosthetic designs of Steve Johnson can be seen in over 200 films, countless television shows, 
theme parks, commercials and music videos. Here and there I have pretty good material for further articles.
This is not the killer Grizzly of the XFX monster makers, it's harmless Bear for a 'Duracell' commercial.