GMCoaches, Latex mask and prop head sculpting

Bret Maverick, charming con man and romantic adventurer, is a gambling man with a deeply rooted sense of fair play. 
A debonair drifter, Maverick has a flair for getting into and out of trouble that makes him one of the most colorful characters in Western legend.
'Maverick' is filled with the familiar faces of Western heroes of series such as 
'Wagon Train', 'Laramie', 'The Virginian' and 'Rawhide'.
In addition, many well-known country stars make cameo appearances in the movie.
The filmmakers have gathered an outstanding creative team to conduct the western 
orchestra, including Academy Award-winning director of photography Vilmos Zsigmond 
('Close Encounters of the Third Kind').
The old foxes have conjured up a charming and extremely entertaining Western.
And a Western of this scope would not be complete without a runaway stagecoach for our hero to save. 
'Maverick' - The power of hilarity.

James Garner (Zane Cooper) and Mel Gibson (Bret Maverick).

Director Richard Donner ('Lethal Weapon')  Director Richard Donner and  Jodie Foster
and Maverick. DOP Vilmos Zsigmond. (Annaballe Bransford).
To be able to shoot close-ups under controlled conditions, the Stagecoach was mounted on a trailer.
The trailer had to be correspondingly wide to have enough space for the cameras and lighting equipment.
Maverick (Mel Gibson) inside of the Stagecoach.
The film is full of small allusions and insider jokes.
Mel Gibson is driving GMC trucks in the 'Lethal Weapon' series.
In 'Maverick' he is sitting in a GMCoach.
Close-ups filmed on the trailer. 
The Stage Driver, played by 'Rawhide' legend Paul Brinegar, is in trouble.
One could also say he's dead as a doornail.
In the desert of Arizona.
One of the stunt boys is now playing the Stage Driver.
So that everything looks perfect, he gets a latex 'Paul Brinegar' mask.
Paul Brinegar - Latex mask and prop head sculpting. 
Who was the artist? Make-Up department of Michael Hancock or someone at ILM?
Who can enlighten me here?
Paul was already 76 years old during the filming of the runaway Stagecoach scenes and 
he was physically not able to play these scenes.
In particular, the scene where he hangs upside down from the coach.
These scenes were then taken over by a stuntman with a 'Paul Brinegar' mask.
It can be hot in Arizona. Some air holes drilled into the mask.
The mask is first class - this is Paul Brinegar.
I'm sure no one has noticed something.
The crew filmed two weeks in the desert of Arizona on the Navajo Indian Reservation.
The journey on the trailer seems to be quite overbooked!
The stuntman has put on the mask, the wild ride can begin.
Maverick wants to stop the driverless stagecoach.
Mel Gibson did many of the stagecoach scenes himself. 
His stunt double, Stunt Coordinator Mic Rodgers, was there for the tricky scenes.
Director Richard Donner:'With Mel, if you set a shot and have to walk away, 
when you come back he's doing what the stuntmen are doing ...and you want to kill him.'
The Stage Driver (Paul Brinegar) is dead.
A stuntman with the 'Paul Brinegar' mask on hangs upside down from the coach.
Paul Brinegar ('Rawhide') in one of his last movies, of course, a western.
He died march 27, 1995, shortly after the big success 'Maverick'.
Maverick will climb on top of the coach and jump to the first team. Cut.
Now stuntman Mic Rodgers comes into play.
Mic Rodgers (Stunt double for Mel Gibson) says the stunt is much 
like the dangerous team-to-team transfer done in John Ford's classic 'Stagecoach'. 
But he adds, 'In order to make it suit Maverick's character, some twists were added.
Normally he would come out of the coach and go up on the top then jump from 
team to team. But Maverick is more happy-go-lucky and he really doesn't want to 
get into any trouble, so he has to get there reluctantly by hitting a bump and 
slipping and falling between the wheels of the coach before getting to the top and 
doing the transfers. No one's ever done it that way before.'
The complete stunt is actually a combination of two separate feats that many have 
tried and few have succeeded in doing.
Second Unit Director Terry Leonard and Stunt Coordinator Mic Rodgers went ahead with 
the stunt. It did not go exactly as planned.
Mic Rodgers: 'It's tremendous bad luck to catch both horses out of stride. 
One may stumble, the other one picks him up. When I jumped from the swing team to 
the leaders, the left lead horse put his nose in the dirt for about 30 feet.
I was just waiting for the coach to land on me, for all of them to wad up underneath me. 
The only thing that kept them up was the four horses behind them, pushing them.' 
Luck being with him on the day of the stunt, Rodgers walked safely away and joined 
an elite group of stuntmen, including the legendary Yakima Canutt, who can claim 
this feat in their repertoire. (Pressbook)
The stagecoach stops suddenly and rough, just before a steep cliff. 
Maverick flies in a high arc from the coach ...and threatens to fall down.
The dialogue in this scene is great...what a satirical mirth!
I need help, but do not want the help.
Mel Gibson dangles high above the Colorado River.
The manageable dangerous cliff ...a small ledge.
Cliff Close-ups.
Movie scenes full of joy. Helter-skelter thrills and spills.
The three have buried the Stage Driver (Paul Brinegar) and belting out a last song.
The scenes look very suspicious - ILM digital matte dep.?
James Garner is Marshal Zane Cooper. Director Richard Donner. Jodie Foster is the wily Annabelle Bransford.

Many more adventures in the Wild West will follow.
Spain - the untamed european canyons and prairies of the Wild West in the golden 
decades of Western movies. Gunsmoke, sandstorms and much more.
Director Frank Perry and Faye Dunaway filming 'DOC' in Almeria, Spain.
Kit West was supervising the FX in the desert of Almeria. on a dusty ride through the West.