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October 2020
This Blog is offering a colorful kaleidoscope of movie magic for cinema aficionados.
Crispy peanuts, thin-skinned baloons and thrilling sensations on celluloid.
See offbeat goodies and magic crumbs ...weekly!
The Reality behind the Fantasy! - The Story behind the Spectacle!
No inflated endlessly long stories, but short and crisp. 
'Even your Goose-bumps will have Goose-bumps!'
Photos beat content!
Welcome to the manege of madness! - Have a pleasant trip!

Corona is back and hitting hard!
I never really got into the mood or found the right time to work on the website or the blog these days.
Other things have come into focus.
This is the time when you should be there for the elderly in your family, do the shopping and so much more.
I tried myself as a window cleaner, for the very first time (!), on the weekend ... wow, I never thought 
that this task, which seemed so easy to me, took me so physically to the limit.
21 windows ... a horror show!
Cleaning windows is brutal ... I need a vacation!
But every now and then I scan a little material and hope to feed the hungry 'moon-city-garbage' monster 
with stories again soon.
The photo shows the great John Carl Buechler (1952-2019) with one of his unbeatable Creatures, 
designed and sculpted for 'Spellcaster'.
A wonderful little horror trash flick of the 80s that will be featured here in special 'MMI' Rubber-Color soon.
A little bit of fun is always good!
Stay tuned!

A small western film from the 50s directed by Jerry Hopper with a great setting and an 
impressive real location photography by cameraman Clifford Stine.
Stine knows his trade and handled some very cool river and landscape shots.
He later did stuff like the Special Effects photography (Miniatures!) for 'The Hindenburg'.
The shooting of the river-running and rock face sequences was pretty exhausting.
All the equipment had to be dragged laboriously over rough rock faces.
The photo shows how the crew tries to pull a spotlight onto a narrow plateau.
The trip on the river in small boats wasn't exactly a relaxing and luxurious cruise either.
The little nutshells danced on the water like toys.
All the Cast and Crew was camping on the riverbanks by night.
Very little of the comfortable Hollywood glamor, no big caravans, but drafty tents!
One or the other obviously had problems with these rough conditions.
According to Piper Laurie ('Return to Oz') in her memoirs 'Learning To Live Out Loud', 
Dana Andrews was almost always drunk between the shooting sequences, 
but remained very professional on the set.
The few flaws cannot detract from the good overall impression of 'Smoke Signal'.
Some Studio shots (backprojection) look a bit shabby.
For a few scenes in particularly wild water, dolls were apparently screwed into the boats.
Funny moments!
On the whole, however, a very respectable Western.
Screenshot of 'Smoke signal', 1954.
A nutshell between the rocks.
This adventure was certainly a new experience for the many Western Film veterans, 
like Robert J. Wilke ('Tony Rome'), among the cast.
Not a wild ride through the prairie, but a boat trip ... through the mountains!
Screenshot. Looking for water.
During a break in filming. 
In the 60s Dana Andrews appeared more and more in cheap offshore productions shot in Europe.
For quite some time he earned his living by appearing in the Italian trash cinema (Il Cobra).
Some of his better films from this period were shot in Spain, like 'Crack in the World' and 
'Battle of the Bulge'.

All lines are busy, but you can contact us at any time by e-mail, carrier pigeon or post.
(James Garner in 'Marlowe' - Kodak 2.25 transparency)

Stay at home, make yourself comfortable on the couch with your family and watch a good movie!
'Outbreak' hit theaters almost exactly 25 years ago and is probably more topical than ever today.
With a few tasty snacks, self-crocheted Corona masks and extra strong vomit bags, this can definitely be a fun evening.
The spooky film offers so many possibilities, even for the children. 
Exciting guessing games like "Who can find the most body bags?" put a smile on everyone's face.
Happy moments for the whole family, young and old!
An absurd evening full of terrifying reality.
Thin ice ... bad boy .... bad boy!
Richard Edlunds Boss Film Studio handled the miniature work for 'Outbreak'.
An excellent, dynamic and nearly invisible show. Topnotch!
Here you get a rare look behind the scenes: Caution contagious!