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July 2020
This Blog is offering a colorful kaleidoscope of movie magic for cinema aficionados.
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The stunning 'horse epic', directed by J. Lee Thompson ('Guns of Navarone'), is one of the best Yul Brynner epics.
Sadly the motion picture was drastically edited down from a road-show highlight to a small scale adventure.
Well, 'Taras Bulba' still has charisma and power overall.
While watching it you might hear Yul Brynner crying 'Where are my scenes...what have you (Thompson) done?'.
Anyway, 'Taras Bulba' is a great great movie, a thrilling visual experience!
Even though Mr.Bulba loses a bit against the mighty 'Genghis Khan' of Henry Levin, another spectacular 'horse epic' 
of the 60s, which I declare, wildly determined, to be an heavily underrated masterpiece!
But 'Taras Bulba' is clearly ahead when it comes to photographic material (photos, transparencies,...) available 
on the market.
It is incredible what there is on eBay about 'Taras Bulba', dozens of great 'behind-the-scenes' paper photos ...etc.
The pretty Christine Kaufmann in particular was apparently always followed by several cameras and photographed 
almost non-stop.
The photo shows a Part of the poster illustration for 'Taras Bulba' by the great artist Frank McCarthy.
Sweet Seventeen!
During the filming of 'Taras Bulba' the very young Austrian actress Christine Kaufmann celebrated her 17th birthday 
in a traditional manner, with a big birthday cake decorated with 17 candles.
With the reassuring hand of Yul Brynner on her shoulder and Tony Curtis at her side, 
young Christine beams with happiness at her birthday surprise party.
As Christine expresses her genuine surprise, Tony Curtis uses his Scimitar to cut a piece of her birthday 
cake for actor Perry Lopez ('Sol Madrid', 'Che!').
Christine here and Christine there ...check out ebay for more photos of her, 
taken during the production of 'Taras Bulba'.
She was only 13 when she played Steve Reeves' love interest in 'Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei' (1959). 
Reeves was well past 30, but nobody seemed to mind in those days. 
In her memoirs, Christine admitted she found it rather funny back then. 
She talks openly to have fallen in love with actor Ángel Aranda with whom she co-starred in two movies, 
but she easily 'switched off' her feelings when he told her he was gay.
Tony Curtis fell in love with the young girl on the set of 'Taras Bulba' and later married her.
Christine gets driving lessons on the Lambretta 125 ld from Brad Dexter ('Blindfold'), 
an American supporting player specializing in tough guys.
'Taras Bulba' players Brad Dexter and Vladimir Sokoloff also starred with Yul Brynner in 'The Magnificent Seven' (1960).
Between takes.
Beautiful actress Christine Kaufmann seated in producer Harold Hecht's chair next to Prince Grigory, 
actor Guy Rolfe ('Land Raiders').
Check out this for more 'Taras Bulba' behind the scenes stuff: Big Scale Action in Salta, Argentina.

August 1965, Swamp of Adra, south of Almeria.
On Location in southern Spain for the Mark Robson (Avalanche Express) War Movie 'Lost Command'. 
French Star Alain Delon, portraying a French paratrooper, has not much time during a little break in filming 
and enjoys a fast Bocadillo (sandwich) on the run between shots.
The filming in the swamp during the summer heat of august was rough for all the players and makers, 
all were fighting with flies and mosquitoes.
And one or the other should have preferred to drink water rather than wine with the Bocadillo, 
as some following scenes look quite cheerful.
Lalalala..lalala.....the power of alcohol.
More about the filming of 'Lost Command' soon.

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(James Garner in 'Marlowe' - Kodak 2.25 transparency)

Mapping out a scene for the cracking good caper thriller 'Robbery'.
Director Peter Yates ('Murphys War', 'Krull') and Producer Stanley Baker are looking for the right spot.
Baker also played a leading role among many other outstanding British talents.
The film captures the spirit of the 60s in a perfect way, groovy and stylish.
Highlighted by a dashing and realistic car chase through the streets of London, an idea of Peter Yates.
The chase had a good powerful swing, so good, that Yates did another one a year later in San Francisco.
Steve McQueen saw 'Robbery' and personally wanted Yates for what turned out to be his highest grossing film 'Bullitt'.
It took over a week to stage the chase ride in the streets of London and on surburban roads, 
including some nice action Gags.
The car crash of the Diamond Courier is one of them.
The fast-paced ride ends at a dumpster in the Northumberland Avenue.
Northumberland Avenue, City of Westminster, London. 
DOP Douglas Slocombe, standing behind the wrecked car, is watching his well-coordinated team filming the scene.
Operator Bernard (Chic) Waterson and Slocombe’s longtime focus puller Robin Vidgeon.
Screenshot of a film scene. End of a Courier ride.
The entire 'diamond' sequence is very well worked out with unusual perspectives. 
A few gangsters, dressed as paramedics, arrived with an ambulance a second after the crash, to 'save' the 
suitcase with the diamonds ...and the poor Courier and his driver who have been stunned with Gas before the accident!
What's going on there?
Actor-Producer Stanley Baker wants to shoot a scene for the sequence with a hand-held Arriflex 35IIC?
Or is producer Baker (Oakhurst Productions) just pointing out how expensive it was to rent the equippment and 
that Cinematographer Douglas Slocombe (left) and Director Peter Yates (right) should not waste any time and start filming!
Look at the buildings behind of the Crew.
Screenshot - Northumberland Avenue.
Shot through the rear window with an Arriflex camera.