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February 2020
This Blog is offering a colorful kaleidoscope of movie magic for cinema aficionados.
Crispy peanuts, thin-skinned baloons and thrilling sensations on celluloid.
See offbeat goodies and magic crumbs ...weekly!
The Reality behind the Fantasy! - The Story behind the Spectacle!
No inflated endlessly long stories, but short and crisp. 
'Even your Goose-bumps will have Goose-bumps!'
Photos beat content!
Welcome to the manege of madness! - Have a pleasant trip!

Veteran B-Movie Director and Producer William Castle, famous for his ingenious way of promoting his low-budget 
Horror flicks with strange gimmicks, seems to have lost a bit of his verve with this minimalist science fiction trash.
Old fashioned, with rarely more than 5 people in a scene, low-cost sets and only a very few effective visuals. 
A forgotten TV pilot for a never realized show?
A limpy Voyage, never fantastic, with Hanna-Barbera animation and completely without any tension.
Released 1968 - What a year!
'Planet of the Apes', '2001', 'Barbarella', 'Bullitt', Mario Bava's 'Danger:Diabolik' and George Romero presented 
'Night of the Living Dead'.
And then William Castle comes around the corner with that cucumber: 'Project X'.
The man has a special sense of humor!
Everyone probably fell asleep in the cinema at the main station.
Okay, 'Project X' is not total madness ... but Castle is very close.
Christopher George ('The Rat Patrol') wrestles with some abysmally cheesy special effects and a 
host of less-than-inspired action sequences.
The young blonde girl Greta Baldwin is pure eye-candy, a candle in the dark.
I like the scene where the Doc (Henry Jones) is pressing a few buttons in the lab.
He almost destroyed the shabby studio set. Ha..Ha.
An excellent blu-ray of a soporific tele-feature without any rythem or blues.
Cinematographer Harold E. Stine ('The Caper of the Golden Bulls') tries his best to squeeze at least 
some emotion out of the lifeless studio sets. 
The Film Set looks like a storage room into which they had pushed everything they could find.
The famous Director of Horror shows like 'Macabre', 'House on Haunted Hill' and 'The Night Walker' and 
the charming and casually Greta Baldwin.  Sweet.
The young fresh girl from Munich, Germany, birthname Greta Bruger, did TV commercials and was one of the renowned 
'Ford Models' of Eileen Ford.
She was discovered by Joyce Selznick, head of Paramount's world-wide talent department, who saw her 
in a television commercial. 
While preparing for her Hollywood screen test, she met Director Otto Preminger who was so impressed by her beauty 
that he offered to personally direct her test.
A good start for a young actress.
I read somewhere that she got a long-term contract by Paramount?
In the end, the long contract was obviously of a manageable short duration.
She totally disappeared from the Radar in the late 60s!
What happened to her?
Finishing touches for the make up and hair of Greta Baldwin.
Maybe she just lost the fun of beeing an actress, which would be fully understandable after a dopey film 
like 'Project X'.
She would surely have been great in a Matt Helm show or in EuroSpy or Giallo stuff.
Greta at the side of Frank Sinatra in 'The Detective', released in 1968, by the way. Another nice idea.
Well, Frank got the beautiful young Jacqueline Bisset which of course was also great.
All just dreams.
Greta where are you?

The striking landscapes and filming locations in the Almeria region were made famous by the worldwide successful 
'Spaghetti Western' films which were shot in southern Spain.
This popularity and the good working conditions in many areas attracted other industries.
TV commercials were filmed here, elaborate music videos were created and much more.
Many activities from the 80s, 90s and the following years are well documented.
I recommend the interesting website:
However, there is very little material known about the use of the filming locations and landscapes in 
the 1960s and 1970s.
The Active time of the 'Spaghetti Western' Genre.
The Western Town 'Mini Hollywood' by Carlo Simi, once built for 'For a few Dollars more', 
was used by Chrysler Spain to showcase their new 'Chrysler 2 Litros' automobile in the mid 70s.
You can find the story and many rare photos here: Chrysler - A new sheriff in town.
And as the new entry of the week I can present these rare and exciting 'Mini Hollywood' documents: Sex and the City!
Hardly known Kodak 2.25 transparencies of a Pin Up Girl in the Western Town 'Mini Hollywood'.
With all caution I assume that these photos are made by the French Pin Up legend Serge Jacques.
Period of time, Style, Costuming, ...seems to indicate the French photographer!?
Who is the model? 
If you can contribute in any way to identify the material, please feel free to contact me.
Rare Kodak 2.25 Transparency.
Pin Up shot in 'Mini Hollywood'.
Period? Looks like the 70s to me!
Maybe someone can verify the period based on details of the set.
Super Zoom ... to search for birthmarks...ehhh to to check the background for hints.
There is a Bar and a 'shop' sign of F.C. Bim...?
In which film can you spot these details?
The remains of a building lie in the background.
White wall parts (plaster / ...) that were typically used for Mexican style buildings (film set).
Mini Hollywood in the 70s?
It looks like a Spaghetti Western was shot here just yesterday.
The same pretty model, now completely naked, on the 'Oasis de Tabernas' set.
The famous 'Oasis' never looked sexier!
'Lawrence of Arabia' visited the Oasis, 'Dr.Phibes' set up his tent here and many other guests made a 
few shots for their movies.
Sir Michael Caine was here filming 'Play Dirty', a picture of intense cynically power.
Filming of 'Play Dirty' at the Oasis de Tabernas.
Michael Caine is getting his 'dirty desert' look refreshed by a make up artist on set.
Special Effects Supervisor Kit West (1936–2016) relaxes and leans against the jeep with a cigarette 
in his hand, while waiting for the next effects scene. 
In several conversations Kit told me the whole thrilling story of the filming of 'Play Dirty', 
which you can find exclusively on:
Often copied but never reached!

'Stand and Deliver. Your informations or your life!'
For upcoming stories about the good old world of 80s creature makeup effects I would love to get in contact 
with the people who 'glued together' all these wild rubber toys for the death-defying horror flicks from this decade.
If you can contribute in any way, please contact me:

Director Samuel Fuller (1912–1997) working on the script of his new film, 'Flowers of Evil'.
Unfortunately Fuller's Thriller version of Lysistrata never made it on the big screen.
He was already deep in the project when the French financiers jumped out.
Without the financial background, the film was no longer realizable.
'Flowers of Evil' is one of those exhilarating projects that were started but never finished.
The topic sounds very promising. 
A secret international society of gorgeous girls use sex, science, and violence to maintain peace around the world.
Damn it, I would have loved to see that.
What a splendid photo! - October 1965.
A frustrated Sam Fuller hits a large blackboard with a poker. 
The board is painted with his concept for 'Flowers of Evil'.
The head teacher explains to us his vision of great cinema. 
It's all about emotions!
The school blackboard is full of information.
No boobs for the U.S.A.!
Well my American friends, you can't have everything. 
Uncle Sam has only a censored version for you!
Kit West, the Special Effects Supervisor on Sam's 'The Big Red One', told me several interesting anecdotes 
about Director Samuel Fuller. 
He gave me this strong picture of Sam in the dust storm. 
This is the story.
Kit: " ...Sam and the huge wooden cross...
He stands there, the wind machines were running, and he barks for more dust and wind, ...more, more, I want more. 
At the end all actors and crew were leaving the set and he was alone, wearing his hat, a dust mask ...
his arms outstretched mimicking the cross...surreal".
A powerful image. 
'The Big Red One' will soon be featured with a detailed behind-the-scenes story.