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December 2020
This Blog is offering a colorful kaleidoscope of movie magic for cinema aficionados.
Crispy peanuts, thin-skinned baloons and thrilling sensations on celluloid.
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'Even your Goose-bumps will have Goose-bumps!'
Photos beat content!
Welcome to the manege of madness! - Have a pleasant trip!

About a year ago I announced colorful reports about the work of John Carl Buechler and his busy makeup FX studio.
What can I say, the time has finally come and a first report is ready.
Good things sometimes take a little longer.
And I couldn't make it much more stylish, as the film's release had also been significantly delayed decades earlier.
What a year, 
I hope you are all safe and fresh enough for a frightening roller coaster ride back into the good old 80s.
www.moon-city-garbage.agency presents a Charlie Band (Empire) production with makeup FX glued together 
by John Carl Buechler and the foam rubber hell crew of the Mechanical and Makeup Imageries Inc Shop.
Let yourself be scared by: SPELLCASTER!
Here you feel real fear!

All lines are busy, but you can contact us at any time by e-mail, carrier pigeon or post.
(James Garner in 'Marlowe' - Kodak 2.25 transparency)

The iconic 'Day of the Dead' Zombie Bub was born in the Saviniland Shop of makeup FX Guru Tom Savini.
The obstetrician in charge was the highly talented young genius John Vulich (1961-2016).
A versatile scuptor and makeup magician with a lot of imagination and full of ideas.
It was his fertile creative power that gave rise to the design of the Bub Makeup.
But Bub owes much of his fame to Howard Sherman's intuitive play.
Two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly.
The makeup of John Vulich and the playful actor Howard Sherman.
Off to the zombies!
When you sometimes feel like a Zebra carcass on the Serengeti surrounded by vultures, 
this is for you: BUB!
I wish you all a merry christmas!
Wherever you are, stay healthy!