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April 2020
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Hans Meyer (Svedborg), the aide-de-camp of General Cordoba in 'Cannon for Cordoba', passed away on April 3.
The actor, born on July 21, 1925, in Paulpietersburg, South Africa, was 94 years old.
A few years ago I had the pleasure and privilige of interviewing him, which he rarely did in the course of his career.
His Svedborg in 'Cannon for Cordoba' is absolute cult!
Hans played the gruff character powerfully and with a lot of enthusiasm. 
He throws himself into the role. Groovy.
I would have loved to see his striking face in other Western films.
Take care my friend!
Hans became quite well known in Europe through his model work for popular brand products including Puschkin Vodka.
In Germany he was known as the 'Puschkin Man', in Spain they called him 'Senor Cognac'.
His television advertising campaign for Pushkin Vodka was a great success. 
Puschkin Vodka quickly became the best sellling vodka in Germany and Hans became one of the best known faces.
Hans Meyer is Svedborg - 'Cannon for Cordoba', 1969 (Kodak 35mm Slide).
A huge Fortress was built for the movie on a hill outside of Madrid, Spain.
It took me some time but at the end I found the formerly unknown location of the Set: Rivas-Vaciamadrid.
Svedborg (Hans Meyer) - A series of 35mm slides.
Hans Meyer (Svedborg) relaxes between takes on set for 'Cannon for Cordoba', 1969.
Kodak 2.25 transparency.
Svedborg illuminates the night sky. Kodak 35mm Slide.
Shortly before his work in Madrid for 'Cannon for Cordoba' Hans was in southern Spain, Almeria, 
for the filming of 'Les étrangers.
A great french Thriller directed by Jean-Pierre Desagnat. Highly recommended!
Small but glorious is the role of Hans in the Gérard Oury epic War Movie comedy 'La grande vadrouille'.
For more informations about the life of Hans Meyer and his impressive career you should visit this website:
Real night shot in the Cordoba Fortress - Rivas-Vaciamadrid, 1969.
The damn story about the filming of 'Cannon for Cordoba' is still not finished ... grrr.
I've now split things up and hope to get the first behind-the-scenes story going soon.
There are already some 'Cannon' entries in the blog.
Well, the vodka is in the fridge.
Tonight I'm drinking a glass on Hans!