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May 2019
This Blog is offering a colorful kaleidoscope of movie magic for cinema aficionados.
Crispy peanuts, thin-skinned baloons and thrilling sensations on celluloid.
See offbeat goodies and magic crumbs ...weekly!
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'This is Helmet time!'
Photos beat content!
Welcome to the manege of madness! - Have a pleasant trip!

US 'Guns of Navarone' Press photo showing Anthony Quinn and Gregory Peck.
Capt. Keith Mallory (Peck) explains Stavros (Quinn) the next steps.
Rehearsing of the scene with Director J. Lee Thompson (1914–2002).
Thompson directed several films with his 'Navarone' stars.
Gregory Peck was in the embarrassing 'Mackennas Gold' and Anthony Quinn was part of the 
glorious Malcolm McDowell show 'The Passage'.
During a break in filming 'Guns of Navarone' Anthony Quinn swings the brush.
He grins joyfully excited ... maybe he's working on a nude painting of Gia Scala?
Quinn loved to play chess with his co-stars between takes.
Only when the breaks were long enough he set up his easel to paint.
Anthony Quinn (1915–2001) was a very talented and successful painter and sculptor.
You will find several stories and hardly known photos on the masterpiece 'Guns of Navarone' hidden in my blog. 
You might start searching here: A merry cruise on a warship!
Rehearsing a scene for 'Guns for San Sebastian'.
Anthony Quinn in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mosquitoes.
See more of him here (behind the scenes - candid - on Set): 
- Barabbas
- Guns for San Sebastian
- The Secret of Santa Vittoria

Here I show you some rarely seen photos of Spaghetti Western Starlet Nicoletta Machiavelli (1944–2015) in different costumes.
No wonder that the leitmotiv of the photos is her appearance in the Spaghetti Western Genre.
The photos are probably made for a gossip magazine story and all dated June 1968.
The gossip & boulevard mags have been a great chance for young actresses back in the 60s and 70s 
to get a little more attention.
Many Directors etc found their Stars in those magazines!
Nicoletta has an engaging aura ...she can carry almost everything.
Which Western Town Set did they use as backdrop for theses photos?
Another Girlie that was quite 'hot' in the boulevard mags during the golden years of European Cinema was the 
Danish actress Kitty Swan.
Kitty was everywhere, posed for thousands of photos and even did one of the famous 'Carosello' flicks.
She did a little 'Spaghetti Western' TV commercial (Carosello) for an insect spray.
Calamity Jane does not shoot with the Colt but with a spray can!
You have to see that: Poker d'Assi.
Kitty did many feature films, but mainly as an 'eye-catching Extra', often without saying a word.
She was in a 'Fantomas' movie, the James Bond spoof 'Operation Kid Brother' and so many more.
Nicoletta was somewhat luckier and got bigger talking roles ...
That's the  Upper-Class Starlet World.
'Owell Rocks'? That tells me something ... but I don't know what!? An old Set of?
All the photos where made shortly before the filming of 'Una lunga fila di croci', directed by Sergio Garrone.
I do not have the courage to torture myself through the movie again to see if Nicoletta wears one of the costumes in it.
If you have any information feel free to let me know!
I've been waiting for that. No 'Spaghetti Western' photo session without a Saloon pic!
Many of the gossip magazine Starlet stories were produced during film shoots. 
The photos were partly made directly on the set.
Here are some nice photos of Raquel Welch on the set of '100 Rifles': Wedding dresses.
A thoughtful looking Nicoletta - She was young and needed the money.
And again the question, which Western Town Set is it?
Similiar pose. On Set of 'Monte Carlo or Bust!'.
Nicoletta got a small role as one of the Girls, a typical little appearance as 'eye-catching Extra'.
Soon more on that when we start riding on the dusty tracks of the Monte Carlo Rally.
That'll be fun!

On speed again - Riding a booby-trapped elevator in 'Speed'.
The thrilling scenes in the beginning of the movie with the high-rise elevator were achieved through the 
use of a wide range of different effects. 
Full-scale physical effects, model work (The Grant McCune boys built an eighth-scale elevator 'miniature'), 
a full-size mockup elevator Set (four-story on a Fox soundstage), CGI and the only bluescreen shots in the whole movie.
The bluescreen shots (see photo) were filmed for a scene in which Jack (Keanu Reeves) rides atop the elevator that is 
carrying Payne (Dennis Hopper) inside, the weirdo bomb maker.
The bluescreen shot of Keanu Reeves standing on a shaky mockup of an elevator roof was composited onto a 
moving miniature elevator scene to get the effect of a speedy ride down.
Additional elements (cables,...) were digitally composited into the pretty good looking and credible finished scene.
Boyd Shermis oversaw the effects work for 'Speed', John Frazier did the physical effects and Ron Brinkmann 
was supervising the CG images.
A cool little gimmick was that the mockup elevator roof was shaking a bit with Keanu standing on it, 
just like as if its a real elevator that is moving down.
See more speedy behind-the-scenes photos & Stories here:
- Director Jan de Bont and Stunt Coordinator Gary Hymes trade Hot Wheels cars on Set!
- Dennis Hopper - Headless through the night!
A groovy elevator sequence with excellent miniature work can be found in 'Die Hard'.
Of course you want to see that too: Let's drop the actor!
Promotion for the start of the movie 'Speed' - A metro bus as a moving billboard.
An old and often used, but for this film, of course, perfectly matching gag of the publicity department.

Your comments are always welcome!
Trust me, I know what I'm doing. Sometimes.

I did not have much time to work on the moon-city-garbage project in the last weeks and had to cut down things a bit.
The planned for may behind-the-scenes story of Hal Moore's Air Cavalry in 'We Were Soldiers' was one of the 'victims'.
But I promise to do better next month!
Here is a funny shot on set of 'We Were Soldiers'. Hot-landing Zone.
The question was how to bring some realistic shadows of the rotating rotor blades into the close-up shots of 
helicopter pilot Maj. Bruce 'Snake' Crandall, played by Greg Kinnear.
It would have been too dangerous to place a camera crew in front of the chopper Cockpit while the rotor blades are turning.
The guys from the special effects department came up with something.
Take your DeWalt cordless screwdriver, attach a not too long wooden board and bring the Huey in the right position to the sun.
Yeah, an inexpensive and very effective solution!
Ingeniously simple!
Soon more on the very well staged Helicopter scenes in 'We Were Soldiers'.
Already finished is a little story about the make-up effects for the bloody battle scenes.
Check out this: The battle of the Ia Drang Valley.

Yesterday in Almeria, Spain - 1971.
Hollywood Star Ursula Andress is surrounded by fans of all ages and is busy signing autographs.
She became world famous for her sexy bikini show in the James Bond adventure 'Dr.No', directed by Terence Young.
In 1971 Miss Andress was in Almeria for the filming of the 'clash of cultures' Western flick 'Red Sun', 
again directed by Terence Young.
She swapped the bikini for a cowboy hat.
The Spanish gossip magazines did not miss the chance and presented some stories about her.
Greedy paparazzi followed her everywhere for photos like this one - Kodak 35mm slide.
See more of Ursula Andress here: 'The Southern Star'.
Some nice Terence Young shots can be found here: 'Mayerling'.