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July 2019
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It's summertime, baby. Puuuh, so damn hot!
Time for some ice-cold beer and the refreshing coolness of the sixties!
Only one guy offers you all this and so much more, 'Duffy', the old Hipster.
Swinging score, cool atmosphere and a brilliant James Coburn in a perfect matching role!
What a great cast!
James Fox is playing splendidly freaked out.
Susannah York is gorgeous and even the often wooden James Mason feels the groove.
Good feeling, good vibrations.
A Heist flick of a special kind.
Feel the rhythm, baby!
(Photo shows James Coburn and Director Robert Parrish, Almeria, 1967.)
Duffy, James Coburn, arrives at the 'Capo del Oro' beach club.
He strolls in the direction of the beach club ...and we listen to Lou Rawls singing 'I am satisfied'. 
How cool is that?
The 'Capo del Oro' Set was built for the movie on the Playa de Monsul (Almeria, Spain) very 
close to the sea.
The 'Capo del Oro' beach club. What you see was built exclusively for the movie.
An expensive set right on the beach. Not easy to build in the moving beach sand.
A lot of Extras were needed for the scenes.
Tourists, locals and a few members of the crew played the club's visitors.
A perfectly successful set of a beach club in the 60s. Cool, Baby.
The Set nestles to the rocks. It was built mainly out of wood, plaster and even concrete.
The British Art Director and Production Designer Philip Harrison ('Outland') designed the beach club.
James Coburn having fun in the 'Capo del Oro' beach club. Playa de Monsul, 1967.
The brilliantly playing James Fox during a break in filming 'Duffy', 'Capo del Oro' beach club, 1967.
The phony beach club Set was so good that the Players and Makers enjoyed the place even on days off.
The bar was well equipped and served delicious drinks and snacks.
'Drinks on the house' the whole day! Holiday in Paradise!
Even tourists came by to check out this new club.
A typical 'Duffy' scene that could stand in for the whole show. Relax, Baby!
If I close my eyes ... I'm there!
Relaxing on a lounger, listen to the music, generously spread sunscreen on the tanned body of a bikini beauty ...
Damn, it's just a dream!
James Mason ('Genghis Khan') on the Playa de Monsul Set, talking with Director Robert Parrish (1916–1995).
On the right, Producer Martin Manulis (1915–2007). 
For quite some time he was head of production at 20th Century-Fox Television.
James Mason was on the Monsul beach for the surprising final of the movie, staged in the 'Capo del Oro' set.
The famous British photographer Patrick Lichfield (Thomas Patrick John Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield, 1939-2005) 
had a cameo appearance as himself, taking the photographs of the surprised James Mason, who unexpectedly gets all
his money back. His own plan was thwarted by Duffy.
And now he has to pay Duffy a generous reward ...grrr.
Photographer Patrick Lichfield and Producer Martin Manulis on the Playa de Monsul, Almeria, 1967.
James Fox and Susannah York - 'Capo del Oro' beach club.
Stefane (James Fox) looks puzzled ...Duffy tricked them all!

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Trust me, I know what I'm doing. Sometimes.

Another filming location of 'Duffy' in the Cabo de Gata area is 'Arrecife de las Sirenas'.
Several scenes have been filmed here and it served as a hideaway for the bags full of bucks.
James Coburn in conversation with DOP Otto Heller.
Heller had already worked in Spain before, on the funny Basil Dearden flick 'Masquerade' (Alicante).
Furthermore Otto Heller lensed one of the first international western shows in Spain, 'The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw' (Madrid).
The Duffy Loft Set is an apartment in Almeria, overlooking the Alcazaba de Almeria.
It has a unique style and special charme. 
Great Set Design and Decoration in the mood of Salvador Dali.
Producer Martin Manulis and Director Robert Parrish on the roof terrace of the Duffy loft.
Cute' n strange colorful details and little gags all over the place.
You have a nice view into the town and Port of Almeria from the terrace.
Cool, Baby.
Director Robert Parrish is looking for the best possibilities on the terrace, 1967.
The Port of Almeria was a bit redesigned to play the Port of Marseille (France)!
Filming the 'Duffy' scenes in an old storage hall at the Port of Almeria.
Director Robert Parrish is talking with Joan Davis (?).
She was responsible for a good running Continuity.
Shortly after the filming of 'Duffy' the port of Almeria was used again for a film.
Michael Caine came to Almeria to Star in the wonderful malicious 'Play Dirty'.
The Cabo de Gata area was used for quite a few scenes as filming location for 'Duffy'.
They used the Lighthouse of Cabo and the narrow sandy track that leads there as filming location.
As you see on my Comparison photo (2006) the track is in better shape today.
Duffy is getting a very interesting information from a telegram courier and thinks up 
a clever twist to safe a part of the cake for himself.
Tough. Cool. Lusty. Fast. Deadly. Duffy.
Sexy escapism at its psychedelic finest.
8/10 - Available on DVD, Columbia Pictures.